James Hardie recently featured on a stunning leisure facility in the heart of Clarach Bay, Aberystwyth. In collaboration with Nick Carroll Architects, we were able to provide a unique Hardie® Panel solution to this project. Originally a competitor product was specified at nearly three times the cost of Hardie® Panel, the client chose to switch to James Hardie thanks to our cost effectiveness, A2 fire rating and providing a robust cladding solution.

  • Project size: 
    900 m² of facade

  • Project type: 
    New Build of Leisure Center

  • Specifier name: 
    Nick Carroll Architects

  • Product installed: 
    Hardie® Panel

  • Colour:
    Custom Colour

The façade design specification considered colours that matched seashore pebbles as inspiration. Three RAL colours were selected that best matched the pebbles prevalent along Clarach Bay and around six options of such colour combinations were put in front the client for them to choose. The clients valued the input and versatility of the product and it remains one of the success stories of this project. Viewed from the beach, the three colours selected blend the natural pebbles and rocks with the façade of the building – giving the allusion that the building has been raised up out of Clarach Bay.

Due to the location of the building, the cladding had to deal with force 8 gales that would exert pressure and suction on the surface of the cladding. A fixing detail was specified that allowed each panel to flex under extreme conditions rather than screwing down every side as per normal installation details. The fixings required 44 micron stainless steel screws to resist C4 environment conditions (salt air) and the size of each standard panel was cut into quarters to allow for more manageable lifting and fitting into place. While designing the fitting and colour of each panel, the cladding was turned 45 degrees to reveal a very dynamic image – the flexibility of Hardie® cladding has allowed for the resultant exciting finish to the building.
This development had its unique challenges and with the support of the manufacturer we were able to develop a solution that will withstand the salt, sea and air over time. We are certainly looking forward to working with James Hardie going forward and specifying any future innovations
Nick Carroll

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