Revolutionizing Durability and Elegance: A Transformation with Hardie® Architectural Panel in Brushed Anthracite Gray

In the heart of a bustling manufacturing hub, where the passage of time left its mark on a once-pristine facade, a visionary decision was made. The director of a distinguished wood-processing company, Samuel Reift, faced the challenge of a manufacturing hall facade succumbing to significant weathering, manifesting in large-scale chipping, holes, and cracks, merely a decade post-construction. In a bid to restore both functionality and aesthetics, the search for a resilient cladding solution began.
  • Project type: 
    Renovation of Commercial buildings
  • Specifier name: 
    Gaille Construction SA,Fresens
  • Product installed: 
    Hardie® Architectural Panel
  • Colour:
    Anthracite Gray
Brushed Anthracite Gray

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