The Grand Large District, meticulously crafted upon the principles of sustainable development, seamlessly integrates various building types while introducing public spaces across a spectrum of scales. Positioned within a distinctive urban setting—between the city and the sea, blending the aesthetics of a seaside resort and a port, and bridging the realms of residential and communal—the district extends the overarching vision of the Neptune project initiated in 1991. This visionary project aimed to reorient the city towards its docks, a transformation that has significantly reshaped the urban center. The Grand Large district signifies the commencement of the project's second phase, where the spotlight now shines on advancing sustainable development practices.

  • Project size: 
    2.100 m² of facade

  • Project type: 
    New Build of Urban Housing

  • Specifier name: 
    Société Detam

  • Product installed: 
    Hardie®  Panel

  • Colour:
    Custom Colour


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