Prague 12's New Town Hall: A Fusion of History and Modernity

The recently unveiled Prague 12 Town Hall goes beyond being a civic center—it's a testament to thoughtful design and functionality. Besides housing essential Municipal Office facilities, it features commercial spaces, offices, a delightful café, and an inviting restaurant. The addition of a new Ceremonial Hall and a versatile multi-purpose space, available for seminars, training sessions, and cultural events, enhances community engagement.

Crafted by the visionary Loxia architectural studio, the building draws inspiration from Modřany's rich history, particularly its association with the sugar industry. The striking form of three sugar cubes pays homage to this heritage, creating a unique silhouette against the cityscape. Geosan Group a.s., the general contractor, brought this vision to life. The materials and construction, including fermacell® Powerpanel H2O and HardiePanel® panels, were meticulously provided by Sefiko spol. s r.o.

  • Project size: 
  • Project type: 
    Renovation of Public building
  • Specifier name: 
  • Product installed: 
    Hardie® Panel
  • Colour:
    Arctic White
Arctic White

The exterior retaining wall at the rear showcases innovation with fermacell Powerpanel H2O fibre cement board cladding. Its sleek surface, mimicking honed concrete, offers durability and a pristine appearance. Meanwhile, the exterior ceiling flaunts Hardie® Panel fibre cement panels in snow white, emphasizing both aesthetics and resilience. With a galvanized steel structure and 8 mm thickness, these panels bring ease of installation, durability, and design flexibility. James Hardie® fiber cement ensures resistance to impact, fire, insects, and weather, promising enduring stability and vibrant color through their advanced ColourPlus™ technology.


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